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    Wraps Come Off Warwick Road Plans


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    Wraps Come Off Warwick Road Plans

    Post by Mr007 on Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:05 am

    Wraps Come Off Warwick Road Plans

    Published on 18-06-2008 by
    A flurry of planning applications have been filed for a joint venture called Warwick Road off the western end of Kensington High Street in London.

    Developed by Prudential and Berkeley Homes it has been designed by amongst others, Squire and Partners and Skidmore Owings & Merrill.

    Located in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the part of the project by Squire and Partners stands on the sites of Charles House and a telephone exchange.

    It has 384 private apartments and 135 social housing units planned in a series of blocks around landscaped public and private areas. There will also be 1010 square metres of retail and a new school included in the scheme.

    The tallest section of the proposals is a trim building overlooking "the green finger", a new landscaped public area that presents a slender profile.

    The SOM scheme occupies the 245 Warwick Road portion of the site which is currently the TA Centre and features a number of blocks from between 7 and 11 storeys overlooking shared public courtyards with the 174 private and 53 affordable housing units between them.

    The aim of both SOM and Squire and Partners has been to try and copy the articulation of mansion blocks that so dominate large areas of Kensington and Chelsea whilst not overwhelming the site with height, hence the rejection of towers during early consultation stages for more intimately sized blocks.

    If approved the proposals for Warwick Road will be the largest housing development to go ahead in Kensington and Chelsea for over 20 years.

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