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    Green Tower Plans In London


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    Green Tower Plans In London

    Post by Mr007 on Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:13 am

    Green Tower Plans In London

    Published on 26-03-2008 by
    HTA Architects has designed a new eco-tower to stand overlooking Pinchin Street in east London.

    Located on the western fringe of the Borough of Tower Hamlets about 200 metres east of Tower Gateway Station, the scheme directly overlooks the existing DLR to which it will stand to the immediate north of.

    The tower element of the scheme reaches 28 storeys tall stands atop a long low-rise podium stretching from west to east along the bank of the railway line on what is currently an abandoned site.

    Cladding of the proposal is complicated with a mesh-like patchwork of different patterns with a strong vertical emphasis. Between gaps of this are the balconies for residents. Projecting windows extend further out from the mesh near the top of the tower combining with the façade overrun to give it a distinctly rectangular feel that would dominate were it not for the gently curving profile the building will boast.

    In total the scheme developed by The Environment Trust who specialise in social housing will hold 130 new homes. The Pinchin Street proposals however are broader than this containing a mixture of affordable, shared, and privately owned housing plus a raft of new amenities for the community in the podium section including retail outlets and a new health care unit.

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