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    Fosters New Wharf Crossrail Plans


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    Fosters New Wharf Crossrail Plans

    Post by Mr007 on Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:52 pm

    Fosters New Wharf Crossrail Plans

    Published on 20-10-2008 by
    Their design of the Jubilee Line London Underground at Canary Wharf was considered a triumph and now Foster and Partners are hoping they can be successful for the second time with a Crossrail Station alongside North Quay.

    Inside will not only be a new station giving fast links from east to west but also four levels of new retail effectively making a new indoor shopping mall, community amenities and even a 5,000 square metre park for the public to enjoy although quite how truly public this will be remains to be seen.

    There will also be a new pedestrian bridge linking the station directly to Poplar's DLR station tying in the increasingly popular light rail network with Crossrail.

    These uses are however separated rigidly on a vertical basis rather than sharing levels. Foster and Partners are relying on the rational solution of colour-coded escalators so that the public can get to where they want, thus missing the opportunity of for example, having shops in the park. This does have a benefit from the building management point of view of making it easier to run.

    The scheme consists of a single architectural element enclosing the entirety of the station. With a length of 217.75 metres it lies on the dockside from west to east as it if it is moored like a barge. The architects have given the design a context that most definitely fits in with Docklands.

    The design isn't literally nautical though with a timber framed EFTE canopy that literally has trees emerging from it turning the top of the structure into a semi-open public space and revealing the greenery within.

    The clear canopy that encloses the roof will also allow some of the inside to be flooded in natural light although the location of the retail outlets prevents natural light from reaching the very bowels of the building, something that substantially affects the sustainability of the building.

    The planning application is now before Tower Hamlets and the Mayor of London for them to decide on. Unfortunately, a lack of data on the environmental efficiency and renewable energy makes it unclear whether the building complies with current regulations so is unlikely to be approved until these issues are clearly fleshed out.

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