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    Letter of Recommendation


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    Letter of Recommendation

    Post by Mrblack0301 on Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:58 am

    The following letter of recommendation was sent to a second-line manager:

    While working with Mr. Sriram, I have always found him
    working studiously and sincerely at his table without idling or
    gossiping with colleagues in the office. He seldom
    wastes his time on useless things. Given a job, he always
    finishes the given assignment in time. He will always be
    deeply engrossed in his official work, and can never be
    found chit-chatting in the canteen. He has absolutely no
    vanity in spite of his high accomplishment and profound
    knowledge of his field. I think he can easily be
    classed as outstanding, and should on no account be
    dispensed with. I strongly feel that Mr. Sriram should be
    pushed to accept promotion, and a proposal to administration be
    sent as soon as possible.


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    conveyancing solicitors

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