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    Denton Corker Marshall Design Birmingham Courts


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    Denton Corker Marshall Design Birmingham Courts

    Post by Mr007 on Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:58 pm

    Denton Corker Marshall Design Birmingham Courts

    Published on 07-10-2008 by
    Following the critically acclaimed success of Manchester's Criminal Justice Centre, Denton Corker Marshall are looking at building on it and hitting gold again, this time in Birmingham with another courthouse.

    The design features an 11 floor building located overlooking Chapel Street and Newton Street at 9 Masshouse Plaza, part of long running major development site in central Birmingham.

    It will contain 24 courtrooms for Her Majesties Court Service plus the various offices and other support facilities required such as secure parking and prison cells. In total these will add up to 21,468 square metres of space.

    The building aesthetic has an individual look with flowing curves on all sides that help it relate to the other buildings in Masshoue. They also give it an organic feel, something that is becoming an increasingly common architectural vernacular for Birmingham once the likes of Selfridges and the planned rebuilding of New Street Station are taken into account.

    Irregular ribbons of opaque white frit glazed curtain wall cut horizontally between the cladding of light anodised aluminium panels with the varying height of the windows adding something of a 70s sci-fi appearance to what is potentially a futuristic piece of modernism.

    As with the Criminal Justice Centre in Manchester, there are protrusions along the side of the building albeit more restrained in their nature than the unique fingers of its Mancunian cousin. This time the bay windows will also be clad in glazing with white frit adding further to the lightness of the proposals.

    It doesn't manage to reach the landmark looks of the Criminal Justice Centre but not every building needs to scream "look at me" like a footballer's wife to be a competent piece of architecture, something the architects have clearly realised here.


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