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    Running Barefoot


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    Running Barefoot

    Post by sangbmt on Sat Jul 23, 2011 12:53 am

    Since we are babies who can not walk, we have been put on shoes as a protection. But in western culture, there are some people who believe that barefoot is the best. Because the muscles in and around the foot are equipped to do the job of supporting our legs and bodies as we walk or run and the same can be said for babies just learning to walk. If you go barefoot all the time, you will see better flexibility and mobility in the feet. Actually the feet themselves will be stronger and have fewer deformities than those who wear shoes all the time.

    As a matter of fact, we wear shoes as a protection from those injuries and pains. But with shoes—those high-tech, high soled stability shoes paid a pretty penny, if you have back, knee or shin pain related to running, you probably think that running in shoes is better. However many people fear running barefoot because of pain. But in fact without pain we never learn to run smoothly, gently or efficiently because shoes blocks pain, which teaches us how to run properly and in a correct posture.

    Pain is our body's signal that something is wrong. Running barefoot can make our feet feel the ground so that if we feel pain, we know we aren't running properly and we can adjust out gait and posture accordingly. But if this signal is blocked, we will keep running with wrong gait and posture and end with pain later in our back, or shins, or knees.

    Running barefoot will feel like a coach at the end of each leg. Naturally our soles have more nerve endings than any other part of the body and they will teach how to run and avoid techniques which cause pain. Then it is obviously barefoot running is really nice and healthy. If you want to start running barefoot, then there are some tips necessary for you. That is really important.


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