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    Adding Color to Your Table


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    Adding Color to Your Table

    Post by sangbmt on Wed Jul 20, 2011 8:37 pm

    Table decorating is no longer just for parties or formal gatherings. With our lives getting busier by the day, it\'s becoming more and more important to make home-cooked family dinners count. These days, even everyday meals can be turned into something special with just a few extra touches. You don\'t have to be a pro or spend a small fortune to jazz up your dining table-all you need is some creativity and a bit of free time. Read on for some tips on adding color to your table and bringing more life into your daily meals.

    Start by going over your dining sets. If you\'ve been using the same pieces for the past few years, maybe it\'s time to change them up a bit. You don\'t have to let go of your old ones-just get a second set that you can alternate with it. That way, you don\'t use the same pieces all the time. Even a slight change like that can make a big difference. Look for colors that go well with your dining room décor to make it look more natural.

    If you\'re not up to changing your cutlery, you can try changing up other elements on the table. Add a stylish tablecloth, or change it once in a while according to the seasons. Once in a while, take out the fancy linens just because, even if there\'s no occasion. Some families have a "weekend setup" where everything\'s just more colorful, so everyone feels more at home and really feels the mood of the weekend.

    You can also add color to the table with your food presentation. Instead of just putting everything on the plate, get a bit creative with the arrangement. Add a little garnish to the pasta or sprinkle some herbs over your bread. Serve cupcakes for dessert and frost them with colorful icing-you can color it yourself so you can include everyone\'s favorite colors. Arrange them on a platter and use it as a table decoration, and get your kids to help out with the designs. A few personal touches can go a long way in making the meal more special.
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