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    Autonomous communities of Spain


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    Autonomous communities of Spain

    Post by fearlove on Fri Apr 08, 2011 11:13 am

    An autonomous community (Spanish: Comunidad Autónoma) is the first-level political division of the Kingdom of Spain, established in accordance with the current Spanish Constitution (1978). The second article of the constitution recognizes the rights of "regions and nationalities" to self-government and declares the "indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation".[1][2]
    Political power in Spain is organized as a central government with devolved power for 17 autonomous communities. These regional governments are responsible of the administration of schools, universities, health, social services, culture, urban and rural development and, in some cases, policing.[3] There are also 2 autonomous cities. In all, under the "system of autonomies" (Estado de las Autonomías), Spain has been quoted to be "remarkable for the extent of the powers peacefully devolved over the past 30 years"[4] and "an extraordinarily decentralised country", with the central government accounting for just 18% of public spending; the regional governments 38%, the local councils 13% and the social-security system the rest.[3]

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