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    who is located where


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    who is located where

    Post by lunamoonfang on Fri Feb 18, 2011 6:33 am

    I love to spend hours looking at flea markets for various goods. Different vendors set up their products in a central location so that shoppers can devote their precious time strolling around and see the new and used items available for sale. Who knows what you would run into at a flea market. There are plenty of new and used goods as well as home made crafts and outfits to choose from.

    To help make your day at the flea market to become the best day it can be, plan for the day. Just about all flea markets are in the open air so you may wish some sunscreen along with a hat. Though some are inside so make sure you find out in advance. You don't want to splurge your day carrying around the goods that you've bought so make sure you take along a tote or a cart. There are a few rather inexpensive carts that fold up and can squeeze into the trunk area of your car.

    Make sure you put on good walking footwear too so that you won't need to end your entire day early because of weary feet. A great tip to help if you do get exhausted walking is to walk to the very end of the vendors and work your way forward. By doing this you'll have the heaviest load from items you have obtained when you are nearest your car. Keep in mind that most people start off at the entrance of the flea market, so if you get started at the back it is possible to see a lot of items before many other people do.

    Almost all flea markets are offered for fun on saturdays and sundays however , many of these do take place on weekdays as well. The number of people looking around is normally lower over the week then again same goes with the number of sellers. It really is a toss up about just when is the best time of day to make a deal at a flea market. It's completely acceptable to make an effort to get the price lowered down from exactly what the vendor is asking for it.

    By visiting a flea market first thing early in the day it's likely you'll be able to take advantage of the selection before everyone else has. This is the best answer if there are specific things you are enthusiastic about finding. However many people say that they've tougher time getting the seller to settle the costs if they purchase early in the morning.

    Towards the end of the day although most vendors are very able to lower the costs on the items they may have remaining. They undoubtedly wouldn't wish to have to bring along up any more goods at the end of the day than they absolutely have to. Should you have a particular item under consideration and you can hold back until the end of the day, you will get a much better price. Additionally you risk someone else snatching it down nevertheless if it's an one of a kind item.

    You will find different ways to barter the price of any given item. You can question the seller what the lowest price is that they will require for a given item. You can also offer to pay for a certain price and find out if they will take you up on the offer. If you wish to give $10 then have that cash within your palm so they can see. Looking at the money will most likely lure them to consider the cash.

    I've discovered it is usually worth my time to look around though simply because I may find the vendor in the next aisle has got the same item for $10 less. If I am going to go back to check up on an item with a particular seller I write down their location because by the end of the day it can be difficult to remember who is located where.


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