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    ONE from American Express – Promises Savings
    By Felixx on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 | No Comments
    The year 2005 was a witness to the introduction of ONE from American Express. This was a card equipped with a ‘Savings Accelerator Plan’, depositing 1% of the eligible purchases into your high yielding FDIC insured savings account.Advantages of ONE from American ExpressIf you are a compulsive shopper, but love to save, then the American Express ONE Card will help you to save for your future. When making a purchase with this card, you can avail of the ‘Savings Accelerator Plan’, which will automatically open/assign a FDIC-insured High-Yielding Savings Account in your name and remit 1% cash back of the eligible purchases in the account.The One card offers a special feature known as the Interest Protection, which does not require you to pay interest on the new purchases, irrespective of whether you make full payment of your bill at a time or make payments overtime.There is no set expenditure limit, and thus you can spend a bit more if you wish. This leaves you free for carrying a balance for the last month’s vacation. The purchases are approved depending on the cardholder’s credit rating. A Spend Tracking Alert will notify you when you have reached the monthly spending amount.If you are an impulsive buyer, then the ONE from American Express is the right choice for you. The savings accelerator of the card deposits 1% of each buy into your savings account and on the other hand gains an annual percentage yield of 4.25% (the rate is variable). Furthermore, the account has no maintenance fees, no penalties for withdrawals and no minimum balance. The money is all yours and you may save it or use it.Other BenefitsThe cardholders of ONE from American Express are facilitated by its purchase protection program, buyer protection program, travel bonuses, global assist hotline, car rental insurance, emergency card replacement and return protection program.The card does not have any introductory period, but the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of the card is quite reasonable. It is a great option for you, if you do not much bother about frequent flyer miles and discounts available at the hotels.The other features include a cash back offer $50 after your first purchase. The first year fee-free option lets you have a $35 savings. The cash back rebate program is the best feature of the One card. You will definitely benefit from Card One from American Express, if you want to use this card at participation merchants and retailers and if you are making full payments at the end of a month. The bonus advantage is that all the new card members will receive a $25 bonus added to their savings account, on their first purchase.

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