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    BSCs Spectacular Implosion


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    BSCs Spectacular Implosion

    Post by Mr007 on Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:24 am

    BSCs Spectacular Implosion

    Published on 28-07-2008 by
    The credit crunch has already led to the collapse of City Lofts and the shelving of numerous unbuilt tall buildings but Manchester's BS Construction (BSC for short) promises to be the most spectacular implosion so far.

    BSC was an ambitious and new developer founded by Bashar Issa looking to cash in on the property bubble and basing its work mostly in Manchester.

    Sarah Village, an under construction 12 floor tower is left unfinished and in a state of mid construction with the contractors having dumped tools mid-work. Rumour has it that the approved construction methods were not followed. For example, to curve some of the lower floor corners jackhammers were used which have extensively cracked the concrete.

    Sarah Tower is an abandoned site with a few floors of steel frame in place and two unbraced cranes blowing in the wind. There has been one death on site, Janstanisla Tobolski, and numerous health and safety infringements, including most absurdly, the in house contractors for BSC digging down to the mains and helping themselves to electricity.

    Barclays stumped up the majority of the £14 million in funds for the purchase of the site and the construction of the development but all they have to show for it is a mud hole and a few steel beams raising the question of just what their money was spent on? More to the point, how does someone who has put up millions of pounds of financing to build a tall building not notice it hasn't been built?

    Issa Quay is technically finished. We use the word "technically" because there are no health and safety certificates showing completion. As a result, the management company for the project who were throwing a lifeline to BSC, Stay City has refused to take it over and it is left abandoned.

    Pictures on Skyscrapernews show panels improperly fitted and one former site manager for BSC contacted Skyscrapernews alleging glass panels kept falling off the top floors and that it was unsafe for habitation. He also alleged there had been a failure to report accidents on site and in particular the injury of one employee on another BSC site.

    The Canopus site is also abandoned. BSC had intended to build two skyscrapers there but having cleared the plot, it is now collapsing into the nearby river causing concern from the Environment Agency worried that it will affect drainage during heavy rainfall.

    As well as leaving a string of unfinished projects around Manchester, the mess has extended to companies working in Manchester. Arca Architects, BSV Supplies, and V&P Building Services are owed substantial amounts of money. They and other smaller creditors are owed a total of £2.5 million with the main backer of BSC, Barclays, left with an £11.5 million headache.

    Arca have been hit particularly hard by the failure to get paid with the company having to make many of its employees redundant to plug the financial black hole in their budget.

    KPMG are administering the remains of the company but have found their job complicated by the lack of records as BSC last filed accounts at Company House in January 2006, a breach of company law that requires accounts be filed yearly.

    The whole episode has created a number of eyesores around Manchester that will require serious money to resolve. Some of the uncompleted projects may be finished and sold on if they are not too dangerous but clearing up the mess of Canopus will likely come from public money.

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