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    Paisley Set For First Tall Building For Decades


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    Paisley Set For First Tall Building For Decades

    Post by Mr007 on Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:22 am

    Paisley Set For First Tall Building For Decades

    Published on 29-07-2008 by
    The Scottish town of Paisley could be set for one of its first high-rise buildings in decades if plans go ahead to develop a key site on New Sneddon Street.

    The scheme has been designed by smc Davis Duncan Architects for McGarvey Construction who are looking at developing a plot that is located near Paisley's main train station and bounded by Niddry Street and Christie Lane.

    The proposals comprise of 6,630 square metres of new office space, 26 new apartments and a 139 bedroom hotel arranged in three blocks set around a central area with the hotel constituting the main tower element of the project.

    Connecting the blocks together are three atriums allowing occupants to move seamlessly between them without being bothered by the changeable weather.

    For the bottom of the buildings, dark stone is the order of the day with a podium level supporting the green copper of the hotel tower above it. Puncturing it is recessed floor to ceiling vertical strips of glazing whilst the corners give way to larger curving glass portions with subtle shades of red and yellow adding an understated hue to them.

    The long and slender residential block is clad almost entirely in this same dark stone with projecting yellow balconies running from it breaking up what would be an otherwise monolithic appearance with strong vibrant colours.

    The project is particularly notable as Paisley has been dominated for years by dozens of high-rise "commie blocks", more per 1,000 of population than just about anywhere else in the United Kingdom. The majority of these are now being rapidly demolished.

    Although the loss of the poor quality tall buildings from the sixties and seventies is welcome when it comes to improving architectural quality, the end result will likely be a feeling that Paisley was no longer a big place an

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