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    News for steve jobs


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    News for steve jobs

    Post by alexdung on Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:56 pm

    The upcoming iPhone 5 release date will mark the first major Apple product launch under new CEO Tim Cook with longtime CEO Steve Jobs having permanently resigned the position. But whether Jobs shows up to introduce the iPhone 5 personally or not, it’ll have his fingerprints all over it. The same will go for the upcoming iPad 3, whether it shows up this fall as has been whispered or next spring as history would otherwise suggest. Even with Jobs having been technically on medical leave for the better part of 2011, he’s been spotted on Apple’s campus so frequently that it’s clear he’s still been there, still calling the shots, still ensuring that the products being developed hold true to his vision even if he’s not as hands-on as he once was. The same goes for the iOS 5 operating system which will power both the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3. But once those devices are out the door, what then? It’s the iPhone 6 and iPad 4 and beyond which may have less Jobs DNA on them, and so it’ll be another year or more before users find out what Apple product truly consist of amid fading Jobs influence.

    Tim Cook was the ideal yin to Steve Jobs’ yang. Cook is efficient, runs operations well. Jobs (still) wants to change the world. Put those two mindsets together, and if they don’t kill each other (which they didn’t), it’s a potent combination for innovation within a framework of stability. But with Jobs shifting gears, who’s going to play counter-punch to Cook? Actually, that’ll still be Jobs, for now. His decision to remain on as Apple’s Chairman of the Board suggests that he’s not imminently dying, and he’s really just looking to duck the continual questions regarding his health; it’s one of the topics upon which Jobs has preferred to remain super-private. That means Jobs, in his new role as “big boss” instead of “day to day boss” will still be there pushing the innovation angle even as Cook makes the trains run on time. Jonathan Ive, who leads the hardware design, is still there. The iOS and MacOS X software teams still consist of the same people. But let’s say Jobs does at some point begin to pull back further, leaving his hand-picked people to make not just the day to day decisions but the big-picture ones, the ones which decide what products like the iPhone 6 in 2012 or the iPad 4 after that will comprise of…

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