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    New Urban Quarter Planned In Leicester


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    New Urban Quarter Planned In Leicester

    Post by Mr007 on Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:19 am

    New Urban Quarter Planned In Leicester

    Published on 29-08-2008 by
    Plans are afoot to build a new urban quarter, complete with a 17 storey tower, on a brownfield site near the centre of Leicester into a mixed use development with a wide range of facilities from leisure to retail to residential.

    The scheme is being developed by the Bowbridge Group who are redeveloping the Victorian Corah Factory site which is bounded by Burleys Way and Abbey Park at its north and south. Running to the west and east respectively are Thames Street and St Johns Street.

    Amongst these will be a new swimming pool although it will only be 25 metres long making it unlikely to become a proper Olympic training facility in time for 2012. A new sports-hall, ice rink and bowling alley are also included in the plans.

    Amongst the other parts of the proposals will be substantial new amounts of ground floor retail and 250 homes although the tower is likely to be a hotel. Adding a touch of culture a cinema is also featured in the plans but this will be an art-house one favouring foreign and independent films rather than a bloated Hollywood multiplex.

    Improving the permeability of the site, new pedestrian routes will be built including a new path and a bridge creating access from the city centre directly to Abbey Park.

    Right now the plans are still at an early stage and will need to be refined before they can progress further, but the redevelopment of an abandoned brownfield site so close to the centre of a major city makes perfect sense. The only surprise is it has taken so long.


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