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    sounds like a sea gull.


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    sounds like a sea gull.

    Post by Mrblack0301 on Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:41 am

    Three pirates were sitting in a crows nest at the top of the main sail. The first pirate says to the other two I'll bet you can't spit on captain hooks head. Sure I can says the second pirate "spwaat" and a big luger lands right next to the captain. Not a bad try says the third pirate and he works up a big luggie and spits. It lands on the left sida of the captian but still misses him completely. So the first pirate says you both suck and clams out a huge luger that lands right on the captains head. The captian tells the crew to point the cannon at the crows nest at the top of the main sail. He hears a bunch of yelling and he says fire. They fire off a connon ball and it blows all three pirates out of the nest and into the sea. The captain turns to the rest of the crew and says that will teach the dam seagulls to shit on my head. The first mate says that wasn't a sea gull captain that was three of the crew. The captain turns to the crew and says, I couldn't tell by the way they were squacking when I pointed the cannon at them.

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