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    Instant Replay In Major League Baseball


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    Instant Replay In Major League Baseball

    Post by sangbmt on Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:55 am

    There has been talk about bringing Instant Replay to Major League Baseball. On August 19, 2008 the owners and umpires approved implementing instant replay in the 30 major league parks. It will see only limited use to start with replay of disputed home runs.

    So, is this a good thing? Do baseball fans want instant replay in MLB?

    There are arguments on both sides. The fans for it can point out the blown calls by umpires in the current playoffs. The other major sports have added instant replay in one form or another. The NFL being the first and it took them awhile to get it to the stage it is now. With the advances in technology instant replay came into the living rooms. People at home and broadcasters were able to see the plays replayed over and over again. And if the call on the field was wrong everyone knew it and the outcome of the game was in question.

    In addition to the NFL, the NHL added instant replay to verify if a goal was actually scored or not. The NBA also added instant replay to see if basket was made before time ran out. In all sports using instant replay it started out slow and then expanded and enhanced the implementation to better serve the specific sport.

    Fans in general see this as an improvement in the way games were officiated. Fans, players, coaches, owners and sport broadcasters want to the officials the make the correct call. If the fans watching at home or a favorite watering hole can see the play replayed, in slow motion, from different angles and now in high definition then why can't the officials on the field?

    But there are still those that oppose this added technology. And this will include the fan, owners, players, coaches and sport broadcasters. This group will be in my opinion the tradition fan. They feel the addition of instant replay will take something away from the game. That it will interfere with the flow of the game. That is will slow the game down and thus have a negative impact on the game.

    When first introduced into the NFL it was not had handled very well. It took way too long for a decision to be made. It disrupted the game.

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