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    Health benefits to drinking water


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    Health benefits to drinking water

    Post by sangbmt on Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:28 pm

    We all know that drinking an adequate amount of water is good for us, but what is that adequate amount and what exactly are the benefits? Do we all drink enough water? No, not usually. If we remember we might drink a glass or two but hardly ever the recommended eight glasses a day, and on average we usually grab the coffee, fizzy drink, or beer instead. Well here is a list of 10 reasons why you should be drinking more water.
    1. Look Younger - Drinking adequate amounts of water hydrates your skin, which means you get the benefits of water hydration like increased skin elasticity and increased skin moisturizing.

    2. Helps Digestion - Sipping water while eating helps your body to absorb and digest food better. Water helps produce more saliva and helps carry the food along all of the way through the digestive tract. This then works hand and hand with fiber to help flush out wastes in your body and also raises your metabolism - aiding weight loss

    3. Concentration - Your brain consists of 90% water. Therefore most of us who don't drink enough water are depriving our brains of what it needs the most. By drinking more water you improve your ability to concentrate, process information, and alertness.

    4. Headaches - One of the main causes of headaches is dehydration. Stop persistant headaches by staying hydrated and keeping alert.

    5. Weight Loss - You don't need to spend money on weight loss pills and aids - water is a proven weight loss aid and is natural and healthy. Drinking water is great for weight loss for a couple of reasons; water is a wonderful appetite suppressant, it curbs hunger. Also water helps increase your metabolism, which aids in burning calories. If you're drinking water you won't be thirsty so you won't reach for a sugary soft drink.
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