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    lady joins a biker gang


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    lady joins a biker gang

    Post by Mrblack0301 on Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:54 am

    Jenny wanted to join a biker gang in a real bad way but never knew exactly how to go about it. So one day she decides to follow some local bikers to their top secret hide out. She calmly walks up to the door and knocks. A gruffy lookin' guy sticks his head out and says, "whadda ya want?" Jenny tells him that she really wants to join their gang and the man says, "well, we never let any women in our gang before but before I say no, let me ask you a few questions." She agrees quickly. "Okay, first do you smoke?" he asked her. She responds, "hell, I've been smokin' since I was 12 years old, Marlboro reds." He says that sounds good and asks another. "Do you drink?" She says, "Oh yeah, Jack Daniels...lots of times!" He likes that too and says "Do you cuss?" Jenny says, "Fuck yeah, all the time." "Well," he says "that all sounds good to me but lemme ask ya one last thing. Have you ever been picked up by the fuzz?" Jenny responds, "Nope, but I've been swung around by my nipples a few times.......

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