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    New Eco Tower Planned For Vauxhall


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    New Eco Tower Planned For Vauxhall

    Post by Mr007 on Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:51 pm

    New Eco Tower Planned For Vauxhall

    Published on 09-10-2008 by
    The nascent cluster of tall buildings at Vauxhall in London could be getting another tower if plans by Amin Taha Associates and Carey Jones are approved.

    Vauxhall Sky Gardens is being developed by Fraser Property Development UK. The scheme will sit on a site off Wyvil Road and Wandsworth Road about a third of a mile south west of Vauxhall Station. The plot already has a number of tall buildings in the immediate vicinity including Keybridge House practically next door and Market Towers only 100 or metres to the north.

    The scheme features a 35 storey tower rising to 120 metres in height with attached 3 to 6 storey tall podium. It will offer 9,000 square metres of office space plus accommodation for 178 new apartments, 229 square metres of retail and 33 spaces for cars to park in.

    The scheme will be clad entirely in glass of varying shades creating a patchwork of differing transparencies although the notable part of the design is two very visible skygardens.

    These are not intended to just be the odd fake plastic tree but rather triple height communal areas tall enough to plant trees in and serve all year round as winter gardens. The lower garden level will be on the 8th floor whilst the upper one stands on the top of the tower, something that along with the glass should provide a living translucent green crown.

    Adding even more greenery to the interior of the building will be mini winter gardens contained in balconies that all the apartments will have, even the affordable ones.

    Above the roof the aim is to cover much of it in solar panels to generate electricity, some 300 square metres in all which will generate enough electricity for 1% of the schemes power requirements. Underground further power generation will be made from a combined heat pump generating an additional 1% of the building power.

    Added up with improvements to the design of the scheme over the average today there should be total savings in emissions of 30%.

    The end result is a tower, that if approved will be highly visible behind St George Wharf when viewed from places Westminster Bridge making it rather uncontroversial. Environmentally it may be killer, but in skyline terms it's no thriller.

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