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    Successful Cannabis Growth with Green House Seeds


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    Successful Cannabis Growth with Green House Seeds

    Post by sangbmt on Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:07 pm

    Single Pick and Mix Feminised Green House Seeds

    Single pick and mix varieties are important when growing numerous crops of plants to get a wider variety of useable buds. The selection of seeds must come from a feminised selection because it offers the highest chance of getting nice bud production without the risks of a lost crop due to pollination. Pollination makes the buds simply go into seed production and loses the potency and value of the bud once seeds are produced. Seeds are also hard to smoke in pipes and make the selection of bud lumpy in the rolled smokes that many are used to. Growers choose female only seeds when not breeding their own varieties from other stock.

    The Green House seed company is well known for their selection of winning plant hybrids and makes their selection available to many distributers. Distributers make it possible for pick and mix options because they can separate seed packs into smaller amounts easily. The selection of seeds can easily be grown through traditional and modern agriculture of cannabis and provides a nicer crop with less work. Some varieties are made to flower and bud within a short time span while others are simply worth the wait. Taking advantage of these seed options can be easily done by growers who are experienced in the cultivation of the amazing plants.

    Green House Seed Winning Varieties

    With over 70 winning varieties of Cannabis strains available on the market, it is hard to choose what to grow from this amazing company. Ensuring a selection of winning seed varieties is a good way to get a great yield or powerful potency and it is certainly recommended in many situations where cannabis must be of the highest quality. The following is a list of amazing cultivars available from Green House Seeds:

    GreenOMatic - this is an auto-flowering type of cannabis which only takes 55 days to harvest. It was unleashed recently to the world and is sure to be one of the most enjoyable options for growers yet.

    Kings Kush - The King's Kush only has a 9 week flowering period which is very useful for those who need a fast grower with nice bud production.

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    Successful Cannabis Growth with Green House Seeds

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