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    Polish up a Garden with Pukka Seeds


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    Polish up a Garden with Pukka Seeds

    Post by sangbmt on Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:50 pm

    Single Pick and Mix feminised Pukka Seeds

    The single pick and mix options available for Pukka seeds are dwindling as the remaining seeds are being purchased from distributers. Luckily, many growers are respectful with sharing the ability to grow these plants and this allows many of the plants to exist in many locations. Unfortunately, these plants cannot produce seed when feminised because they will become different hybrids with other male plants. It is very important to remember that the use of feminised seeds are important to ensure that the plants produce buds and do not suffer the impact of producing seed which makes the potency of each bud significantly lower.

    Feminised seeds are provided as a safety measure against the pollination of the females which results in larger bud yields and higher quality crops. The selections of seeds are quality tested and provide lab results with nearly perfect yields of bud. All of the seeds are only available in feminised form which means that they will eventually disappear once they are gone so it is important to choose feminised, fresh Pukka bank seeds that are sure to produce in a distinct flavor, strength and smell that is enjoyable by the grower and all who will be consuming it.

    The Declining Selection of Pukka Seeds

    Since the selection of Pukka seeds is limited and distributers of the seeds will only offer them until they completely deplete, they are declining in numbers quickly as they are being purchased worldwide. Growers enjoy the many stinky varieties that have been produced by Pukka as well as their crosses between signature strains and world winners for an even complete smoke. The selection will always be remembered and unless the feminised strains can be recreated by talented breeders, they will no longer be available after the next few growing seasons. The following are some of the varieties which were offered by Pukka Seeds:

    Pukka Skunk - the Pukka skunk was a very unique skunk with high resin and deep strong flavors. It is well noted as a stink bomb for any room or location where it is smoked. It is difficult to keep the smell hidden in populated areas and this is why most people smoke it in private rural areas..

    Pure Skunk - The pure skunk is a variety which is developed to be as smelly as possible. This high stench also adds to the potency of the pure skunk with a deep kick hit that is sure to last and make even the most experienced smokers cough in delight.

    Skunk Varieties - various skunk specialties were available and may still be available through retailers which had high resin production and large yields from smaller plants for indoor growing.

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