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    The Ear of my Eye


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    The Ear of my Eye

    Post by Mrblack0301 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:23 am

    A man is stands in a waiting room of a hospital awaiting the birth of his child. Unable to see his wife in labor due to fear and nervousness, he and his wife decides it would be better for him to stay in the waiting area while she is giving birth. Hours pass and the doctor finally comes out of the delivery room. By this time, the new father is sweating bricks; how's my wife, is she OK, how's the baby, is it a boy or a girl? Please sir, the doctor says; have a seat, there are some things I need to speak to you about concerning the birth. Whats wrong, the father asks", what went wrong? Well, the doctor says, there are some complications that you need to understand before I allow you to see your child. What is it, the man sighs. Sir, please brace your self for what I'm about to tell you. (the fathers mouth becomes dry and his lips began to tighten) Sir, the doctor says, I'm very, very sorry to tell you that you child has been born with NO ARMS! God NO, the father cries; No, No, No. Sir that is not all, the doctors says, your child has also been born with NO LEGS. Tears streaming down the fathers face, the father is unable to speak from recieving such terrible news. Sir, the doctors says with a deep sorrow, your son has also been born with NO TORSO. The father is dumfounded, sadness and sorrow is instantly replaced with disbelief and shock. Sir, the doctor says, the child that has been born from your wife's womb is a GIANT EAR! Sorrow and silent disqust covers the fathers facial gestures as he screams, OH GOD! Sir, the doctor says, and the EAR IS DEAF. To the readers - This is not my own created joke but, one I read in a joke book and I love this joke so much that I rewrote it but the punchline pretty much is the same. Hope you enjoyed it. Z

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