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    Where in Ireland to get Cash for old phones


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    Where in Ireland to get Cash for old phones

    Post by l0ve0fevil on Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:10 pm

    We are a Kildare-based RECYCLINGcompany with offices all over the UK and US. With a sizeable business portfolio and over 500 employees worldwide, mobile and blackberry communication is very important to us, especially for our more senior executives who are always on the move. As a way to enhance productivity and communication, all of our executives are entitled to a free company mobile phone or blackberry. Inevitably, these phones become outdated after a year or two, and we have to replace them with newer models with better functions.

    A few years ago, we launched our initiative to recycle phones which our colleagues no longer use, to a phone recycling charity called Cumbria Wildlife. Our colleagues welcomed the policy, as they are happy that the company is willing to replace their older phones constantly by buying them new phones that are easy to use. They are also encouraged to see that the older mobiles are being put to good use and that we are channeling them to charity rather than selling them or simply throwing them away. According to Cumbria Wildlife, phones that are no longer working will be taken to bits and sold as separate parts. For working phones, they will repair and resell them to developing countries as affordable mobiles to benefit the local communities there. At the same time, we can help the charity’s ongoing work on conserving wildlife in Cumbria.


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