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    Using Mazuma Ireland to Make Extra Money


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    Using Mazuma Ireland to Make Extra Money

    Post by l0ve0fevil on Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:10 pm

    Most people don’t realize that they may have a source of extra cash rattling around in a drawer at home. Mazuma Ireland, a phone recycler has estimated that each UK household has on average, four unused mobile handsets. Most of those are valued at over £20 each, which amounts to over £1 Billion in unused mobile phones.

    Fortunately, companies like Mazuma Ireland do a brisk business in mobile phone recycling, which means that just about everyone can make some extra money by selling old mobile phones for cash. Recycling companies have websites that are very simple to use. You simply go online, type in the kind of phone you wish to sell, and the website returns with the price they are willing to pay. You then enter your entire phone details, sign off on an agreement, and within a week or two, you will receive a padded, postage-paid return envelope in the mail. You can include as many phones as you like in the transaction, if you have more than one to sell.

    Next, you put your phone or phones in the envelope. First, be sure to remove the SIM card and return the phone to its factory settings so that all personal information is removed.

    Once Mazuma Ireland receives your phone, they will perform a quick evaluation to make sure that it can be refurbished. If everything looks good, you should receive payment within just a few days. If there is anything wrong with the phone and it is serious enough that it can’t be refurbished, it can be sold on to a recycler, although you will be offered a lower price for this.


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