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    South Texas College of Law


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    South Texas College of Law

    Post by jukido on Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:19 pm

    The group won a $60 million judgment against Coast to Coast and other parties named in the lawsuit. An attorney for the Harris County company had no comment on the ruling. “It’s so beautiful to show that we as Americans care for justice,” Tammy Tran, lead attorney for the men, said. Though the men have won a major victory, they aren’t celebrating. The group now feels like targets back in Vietnam.
    Lee, through a translator, said he’s worried for his family back in Vietnam. They are reportedly being harassed and threatened by people back home. Despite the treatment, the Vietnamese laborers said they want to stay in Texas.

    That's where students from South Texas College of Law come in. Professor Naomi Bang is taking on the immigration part of this case because the work visa never panned out. "What they came for is to stay here and provide a life for their children and spouses who are still waiting in Vietnam," Bang said. "After all they've been through they still want to live in the United States,” student Samantha Frazier said. “They still want to have that dream."
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