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    add me 5mt2t9 and I will BC you to my 400+crew


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    add me 5mt2t9 and I will BC you to my 400+crew

    Post by akdoc on Thu Dec 10, 2009 12:42 pm

    Add me 5mt2t9

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    Re: add me 5mt2t9 and I will BC you to my 400+crew

    Post by Mr007 on Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:39 pm

    TP Bennett Look To The Sky

    Published on 27-11-2008 by
    TP Bennett Architects has designed this huge new mixed use complex in City of Derby in England's East Midlands nicknamed Project Sky.

    Developed by Norseman Investments Ltd, the site that is situated near the Westfield shopping mall just outside the centre of Derby on its eastern side, and is currently largely occupied by a car park that's separated from the city centre only by the inner ring-road.

    On it's western edge, the scheme features a group of three interlinked buildings laid out as described by the architect as "fingers" overlooking the busy Traffic Street.

    Stepped in height, these rise up to a maximum of 42 metres and ten floors for the tallest section that is aimed at creating a noticeable focal point on its prominent position overlooking the corner of Traffic Street and The Cockpit. This puts it slightly below the medium height threshold that Derby Council employ.

    On the eastern side of the site the project has two corner buildings that help frame a central piazza with the buildings arranged in such a manner as to maximise the penetration of the sun into this new public space.

    In all there will be 50,000 square metres of office space occupying the majority of buildings, a 104 bedroom hotel, and 600 square metres of retail but surprisingly, no residential accommodation is included in the proposals. Underground parking is provided for 500 cars.

    Topping the roofs of all the buildings will be a complex mixture of green and brown roofs plus timber decking, benches, and even stepping-stones. A variety of different green roofs will be employed with soil depths of up to 15 cm. A wide range of foliage is planned to occupy them all year round making this not a roof with turf but rather a proper garden in the sky.

    At ground level the public piazza and its connecting pedestrian corridors will be largely hard surfaced in a selection of different shades of granite. At night it is hoped that a lighting strategy can be employed which will have the square illuminated geometrically with the lights tracing

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