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    safety signssafety signs


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    safety signssafety signs

    Post by chuongtk on Mon May 30, 2011 2:59 pm

    High-class Plastic Business Cards

    A business card is like a handshake – it must present you in the blink of an eye and must not pass un- noticed. Lacklustre and dog-eared business cards do not present a good image. But a well-presented, indestructible PVC business card makes a real difference.
    What sets apart is our use of UV offset printing on modern, hardwearing substrates, like white, transparent and metallic PVC and the use of high-quality permanent inks. Our business cards have no fear even of a 60° wash cycle.

    Concerning the design we provide different solutions: Charge our graphic art studio with the design of a professional layout or send us your prepared artwork. Kindly ensure that your artwork meets our requirements.

    safety signs
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