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    State church of the Roman Empire


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    State church of the Roman Empire

    Post by fearlove on Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:29 pm

    The state church of the Roman Empire was a Christian institution organized within the Roman Empire during the 4th century that came to represent the Empire's sole authorized religion.[1] This church emerged as Roman Emperor Constantine established tolerance for Christianity during his reign and established a precedent of imperial involvement in matters of the Christian faith.[2] By the end of the 4th century Emperor Theodosius had established a single Christian doctrine (the details would be formalized by the First seven Ecumenical Councils) as the state's official religion. The officially sanctioned church would go on to become a key part of the empire and its identity throughout the Middle Ages. The emperor himself came to be seen as the church's defender and leader, along with the bishops.[3]

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