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    request for proposal


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    request for proposal

    Post by chuongtk on Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:55 pm

    kissmobile | mobile plans | made easy | SIM ONLY | simply pay as you go.

    kissmobile is making mobile plans simple. Sick of paying monthly fees for cap plans you dont understand or dont come close to using some months. If this is you then welcome to something more easy and simple to use, if it is not you then maybe one day...

    We are a SIM only, BYO only, pay as you go, online only mobile business.

    kissmobile offers a single mobile phone plan with no contract, no connection fee for making a standard call plus no monthly credit expiry. We do however, charge an access fee of $1 per month. Our rates are cheap and sensible; 15c per 30 sec for standard calls, 14c per SMS and 25c per MB of Mobile Internet. This is our base mobile plan - from here you can add mobile data plans or BlackBerry data plans on top

    Grab an extra 20% bonus credit simply by using Recharge Protect or Monthly Top Up.

    Keep your old number or get a new one - sign up here or facebook or on mobile

    A "Mobile Plan" that lets you simply pay for what you use. We are a Pay As You Go, BYO Mobile, SIM and Online only mobile company.

    To start, add a minimum of $15 dollars credit to your account and we will ship via Express Post your new kissmobile SIM - The SIM is free and the credit is used for calls

    request for proposal
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