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    looking forward to that one as well.


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    looking forward to that one as well.

    Post by lunamoonfang on Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:25 am

    Even though i'm just a small way through the game i can say its a heck of a lot of fun. The story is pretty basic, your betrayed by a general, and hunted down by bounty hunters, but there is a bit more. Lots of cut scenes and dialogue also, but once your in the action your in it. Also there is a very easy mode for people like me who don't like dying HA. The game very much reminds you of Quake and Unreal, but the graphics(especially on PC) are far superior. I have an ATI 4850 1gigDDR3, 8 gigs of DDR3, Core 2 Quad 2.67ghz, and the game runs flawless at full 1080p, all high settings. The controls are easy to learn, like most FPS, even when it gets frantic, it's pretty easy to keep your cool even when using the mouse and keys. Aiming is spot on, even if you feel sloppy, i have gotten tons of head shots without even really trying, mega plus. Also the kicking feature, that makes your enemy fly through the air in slow mo while you blow him away is great! I haven't gotten to the point where you get to use the energy pull(with the electrical stream) but i did play the demo 360, so i'm really looking forward to that as well. Hopefully its not to far into the game. I'm writing this early into it because i'm highly impressed, i just like the look, feel, and the cool enemies and new features that the game has. Its very fast, tense, and at times your like whoa, i need a break. Thats what makes Bulletstorm so great thus far, it is what the name says. Oddly enough this game was designed by a girl, she really knew what she was doing.

    So when i get most of the way or to the end of the game i'll post more, i'm sure my feelings won't change though. Loving every minute of it. Also where are all the PC people, there isn't even any DRM on this one, praise be the chick who backed that up. As long as you have a Games For Windows account your good to go, or just use your xbox live one. So have some fun, blow off some heads, kick some A%%(which is also a trip to do)literally. This game is all about run, gun, fun, and it delivers on all levels. Very adrenaline pumping.

    Much better than Killzone 3 for PS3, its just more of the same ole, same ole.

    Next great FPS coming is RAGE...looking forward to that one as well.

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