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    pstate New York


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    pstate New York

    Post by fearlove on Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:22 pm

    consideration in whether or not a place is "upstate", as well as elevation and being away from sea level (hence the prefix "up", meaning both to the north and having a greater altitude). Distance from New York City is also a consideration. Complicating any definition is the usage of the word "upstate" (in lowercase) as a direction, rather than as the name of a region.
    One usage of the term "Upstate" excludes only New York City and Long Island. Another usage locates the Upstate/Downstate boundary farther north at the point at which New York City's suburbs segue into its exurbs. This line would place most, but not all, of Westchester and Rockland counties south of the boundary, putting the northwestern edge of Rockland as well as the northernmost quarter of Westchester (such as Peekskill) in Upstate New York. Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam counties are the northernmost counties of the state of New York that are within the New York metropolitan area, with Putnam being the northernmost of all. This was the definition used (unsuccessfully) by the plaintiffs in the Federal redistricting case of Rodriguez v. Pataki.[1]
    One traditional, political definition of Upstate is "north of Bear Mountain," hence the "Bear Mountain Compact" describing where "open secrets stay secret."[2][not in citation given] Bear Mountain is in Orange County, New York.
    Another view places the boundary even farther north. Orange, Dutchess, and Ulster counties, even farther "upstate" (lower case) are part of the New York-Newark-Bridgeport, New York-New Jersey-Connecticut-Pennsylvania Combined Statistical Area (CSA), and also sometimes not identified as being part of Upstate (uppercase). Because most New York City bedroom communities in Dutchess and Orange counties are situated in the southern part of those counties and the Ne

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