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    Qing Dynasty


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    Qing Dynasty

    Post by fearlove on Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:45 pm

    The Qing Dynasty was the last dynasty of China, ruling from 1644 to 1912 with a brief, abortive restoration in 1917. It was preceded by the Ming Dynasty and followed by the Republic of China.
    The Qing originated from the Jurchen Aisin Gioro clan from northeast of the Great Wall in modern Northeastern China. Beginning with their khan Nurhachi, who was originally a vassal of the Ming emperors, the Aisin Gioro began unifying the Jurchen clans. By 1635, Nurhachi's son Hong Taiji could claim they constituted a single and united Manchu people and began forcing the Ming out of Liaoning in southern Manchuria. In 1644, the Ming capital Beijing was sac


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