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    Ian Simpson Designs East Midlands Tallest


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    Ian Simpson Designs East Midlands Tallest

    Post by Mr007 on Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:04 am

    Ian Simpson Designs East Midlands Tallest

    Published on 31-12-2007 by
    The wraps have finally come off new proposals by Chek Whyte Industries for Nottingham, the first true skyscraper for the city.

    Designed by Ian Simpson Architects (who else?) the scheme features two towers, the tallest of which is 50 floors with a second adjacent building of 21 floors.

    It is located in the heart of Nottingham on a site off Lower Parliament Street that is bounded by Lace Way, Poplar Street and Pennyfoot Street with the Eastside regeneration scheme literally over the road.

    The two towers are joined by a shared podium that stands two floors tall over four basement levels of parking for 140 motorcars. The above the podium the shorter tower is almost exclusively 11,500 square metres of office space apart from the top level which is a roof garden.

    The taller tower features 17 floors of hotel, 224 rooms in all, on its lowest levels and then with the separation of a plant floor continues with 27 regular floors of residential accommodation. The 45th floor is also a plant level and divides the five penthouse levels located in the crown from the rest of the building below them.

    The design of the office building is blocky and conservative, perhaps as a direct counterpoint to its taller neighbour, with diagonal cross-bracing running above the podium to help support the bulk of the tower above it.

    Towering over it is the taller of the two with a curving design and lip stick shaped top similar to the Beetham West Tower in Liverpool. The patterned cladding scheme on the design is also reminiscent of that, although Aedas were heavily influenced in turn by Simpson's earlier work.

    Perhaps of most interest is the hollow crown of the building which the elevations indicate could contain a large private roof garden for the penthouse owner. It helps add a touch of transparency to the top and thanks to the modest façade overrun succeeds in being a gradual termination of the tip of the building.

    It's still early days for the project with the scheme yet to be officially proposed, let alone go before the planning committee. Other tall buildings planned for Nottingham have struggled to get through the process and in the end been reduced in height - whether this happens again remains to be seen but if it gets through unmolested the design will be the tallest building in the East Midlands when completed at a little over 150 metres in height.

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