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    Tower Scheme For Leicester Warehouse Site


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    Tower Scheme For Leicester Warehouse Site

    Post by Mr007 on Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:28 am

    Tower Scheme For Leicester Warehouse Site

    Published on 16-01-2008 by
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    Developer, Urban Invest, aims to regenerate the Friar Mill site in at 58 Bath Lane in Leicester with a proposal that will see a 24 floor mixed use development built plus the current listed buildings retained and revived.

    If approved the plans will see a 110 bedroom 5,415 square metre 4 star 'specialist' hotel complete with conference facilities, 15,996 square metres of residential space comprising of 280 apartments plus ground floor retail outlets creating active frontages at street level, 842 square meters of new offices, and 909 square metres of restaurants and a gym. Culminating at the top of the tower will be a roof garden and a large recessed terrace on level 22.

    Complicating the development is that the 200 year old Donisthorpe Mill and its pump house are included in the site meaning that the design of the plans have had to be respectful of their historic surroundings.

    As a result the architect, Leach Rhodes Walker, has gone for blocky massing and strong shapes, lightweight glass and plenty of heavier looking brick or masonry in the buildings evoking the feeling of old industrial warehouses whilst providing a strong visual difference between the palette of materials used.

    The Ian Simpson designed Westbridge Living trio of towers will stand near the current site raising the prospect that Leicester could have a fully fledged cluster of tall buildings emerge along the River Soar if the scheme receives approval.
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