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    ColladoCollins Rejig Clapham Plans


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    ColladoCollins Rejig Clapham Plans

    Post by Mr007 on Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:47 am

    ColladoCollins Rejig Clapham Plans

    Published on 21-01-2008 by
    Plans for a series of towers at Clapham Junction in south London have been overhauled reducing the number of proposed tall buildings from three to two.

    The joint venture is by Land Securities and Delancey in conjunction with Network Rail, a major land-owner of part of the triangular site that has Clapham Junction to the north, Falcon Road to the east and St John's Hill to the south.

    If built the proposals will see two 127 metre tall buildings built containing the bulk of 500 new apartments on the site. There will also be a 17,000 square metre shopping center built on ground level with affordable housing immediately above it.

    The £15.5 million planning gain from the scheme will be partly in the form modifications will also be made to Clapham Junction railway station, one of the busiest in Europe for rail traffic, that will see the construction of new lifts to access the many platforms it has plus general improvements to what is currently a dilapidated rail terminal.

    The near identical twin towers have been designed by ColladoColins with one fattening out at the waist by 20 centimetres per floor and the other slimming in by the same amount giving them both a distinct profile against the London skyline. The new-found symmetry is a major change from the regularity of earlier designs carried out during the feasibility stage of the project that had three towers of increasing height laying across the site.

    The area is already the home to literally dozens of sixties high-rise flats and several nondescript office blocks but has been generally neglected despite its key position in London's transport infrastructure that does, in theory at least, make it a desirable location that is perfect for a high density scheme.

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