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    Green Light For Urban Splashs Tribeca


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    Green Light For Urban Splashs Tribeca

    Post by Mr007 on Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:22 pm

    Green Light For Urban Splashs Tribeca

    Published on 21-02-2008 by
    Urban Splash has secured planning permission for their latest development in Liverpool, a group of three buildings that will stand overlooking the junction between Great George Street and St James Street.

    Named Tribeca, the scheme features three blocks hosting 93 apartments and ground floor retail space that will be have a colonnaded frontage turning the shops into porticos.

    The design comes from London firm, Alison Brooks Architects, and will be the first phase of what will eventually be a development of over 700 new residential units.

    The aim of the architects has been to construct a proposal that is in a sense proto-gothic thanks to the proximity of the development to the cathedral and its need to blend in with the historic surroundings.

    They aren't the only ones to take this approach of letting Liverpools cathedrals be part of their architectural vernacular - Leach Rhodes Walker has done the same with their proposals for the King Edward Tower.

    The pinnacle of the scheme will be a 15 floor residential tower that stands on one edge of the site. Sandwiched between the two lower rise blocks is a Victorian building that will be retained and dictates the roof-line of its neighbours.

    The faceted shapes have cutaway corners that reveal the areas beneath the outer stone opening up the opportunity to flood the penthouses with greater amounts of light and provide wider ranging views.

    Windows are arranged as recessed vertical glass strips behind the sandstone cladding adding an element of verticality to the proposals despite their modest height.

    Urban Splash plan on starting construction of the first phase of Tribeca in early 2008 with all the phases taking a total of about ten years to build.

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