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    Stadium Turbine Hits Planning Turbulence


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    Stadium Turbine Hits Planning Turbulence

    Post by Mr007 on Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:50 am

    Stadium Turbine Hits Planning Turbulence

    Published on 19-03-2008 by
    Plans to power Manchester City's new stadium entirely from wind power have been thrown into doubt following the emergence of a little known European directive.

    The turbine has been designed by Foster and Partners, and once running should provide all the power for the stadium plus a surplus that can be sold back. It also incorporates a viewing platform and learning centre on green issues.

    If built the windmill would stand 110 metres tall and be the tallest on-shore turbine in Western Europe. It faces problems because ice could form on the blades, and in turn fall off onto those below causing a health and safety hazard in colder weather.

    European rules now expect every wind turbine over a particular size to have an exclusion zone around it to protect those walking under it, just in case. In the case of the planned stadium this would mean making a big chunk of the car park and the current media compound inaccessible to pedestrians.

    The stadium plans were originally approved in 2006 but it took almost 2 years for the European directive to come to light, raising the spectre for the developers that their plans to construct an entirely wind powered stadium will not be realised.

    The wind turbine owner and developer, Ecotricity are now carrying out further studies into whether they can safely build the turbine or not.

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