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    Hamilton Design New Stormont Building


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    Hamilton Design New Stormont Building

    Post by Mr007 on Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:21 am

    Hamilton Design New Stormont Building

    Published on 23-04-2008 by
    Hamilton Architects has designed this new 9 storey office building to sit on the Stormont Estate outside Belfast, Northern Ireland, the seat of the local devolved government there.

    The proposed scheme is intended to centralise the office accommodation on the estate that is currently inefficiently split up between numerous buildings including the wall-like Dundonald House, the existing headquarters of the Northern Ireland Civil Service.

    The existing office buildings will be largely demolished with the parkland around them landscaped according to a new masterlan, also drawn up by Hamiltons, to remove traces they ever existed.

    In total the new building will have 9 floors with 37,000 square metres of office accommodation arranged in a series of leaning and curving wings set around a central glass atrium that rises above the roof level.

    The use of curving wings that from above emerge from a central point to resemble a star shape give the proposals a certain Eurocentric flavour thanks to the similarity with other government buildings throughout Europe, including most famously, the Berlaymont Building in Brussels.

    Designed to be as green as possible, the new building will receive the maximum BREAM rating possible if it is built to the architect's specification.

    There's no date yet on when construction will start and with approval still to be given, not to mention the complexity of moving a government to a new building, completion could be some time away.

    Note - Hamilton Architects are not to be confused with Hamiltons who did the Electric Razor. They are different firms!

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