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    Gottfried Leibniz


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    Gottfried Leibniz

    Post by fearlove on Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:24 am

    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (sometimes von Leibniz) (German pronunciation: [ˈɡɔtfʁiːt ˈvɪlhɛlm fɔn ˈlaɪbnɪts][1] or [ˈlaɪpnɪts][2]) (July 1, 1646 – November 14, 1716) was a German philosopher and mathematician. He wrote in multiple languages, primarily in Latin (~40%), French (~30%) and German (~15%).[3]
    Leibniz occupies a prominent place in the history of mathematics and the history of philosophy. He developed the infinitesimal calculus independently of Isaac Newton, and Leibniz's mathematical notation has been widely used ever since it was published. He became one of the most prolific inventors in the field of mechanical calculators. While working on adding automatic multiplication and division to Pascal's calculator, he was the first to describe a pinwheel calculator in 1685[4] and invented the Leibniz wheel, used in the arithmometer, the first mass-produced mechanical calculator. He also refined the binary number system, which

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