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    Laying Down The BroomieLaw


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    Laying Down The BroomieLaw

    Post by Mr007 on Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:03 am

    Laying Down The BroomieLaw

    Published on 20-06-2008 by
    Developed by the Kenmore Property Group, and designed by award winning firm, GM+AD, 236 Broomielaw promises to be the latest tall building overlooking the River Clyde in Glasgow.

    The scheme features a modernist thirty floor tower that has beaten off stiff competition from other firms including Make and RMJM - the latter included in their proposals an extravagantly tall tower of 47 storeys whilst Make plumped for a 30 floor ellipse.

    The GM+AD proposal will contain not only a much-needed five star hotel for an as yet unspecified hotel operator but also offices, retail space and a number of residential apartments.

    Compared to other planned hotels in Glasgow such as Ian Simpson's Argyle International Hotel, the scheme is extremely restrained with an overwhelmingly International flavour and few truly colourful design flourishes.

    Punctuating the proposals is a courtyardthat breaks up the general mass. That the stand out part of the design is the rectangular crown that at night can be illuminated shows the lack of distinction that the rest of it has, opting for competence above bling.

    236 Broomielaw has yet to win the approval of Glasgow City Council but if it does go ahead it will form part of an emerging cluster of buildings stretching from Charing Cross to the River Clyde.

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